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If you’re looking for a sell on phone, telemarketing, or market research, no matter who your customers are or your unique needs, T-PLUS CORP’s call-out service is here to execute your strategies.

Strategies can be for business outreach (B2B), end consumer (B2C) outreach, or Market Research programs (Telemarketing, Telemarketing, etc.).

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Service desk

Multi-Channel Customer Service

What is multi-channel support system?

Our company provides your business with a variety of ways to contact customers: from traditional methods via phone, text, email to modern methods such as OTT, social networks.

Don’t worry, whether your business is a large enterprise organization or a medium or small size, we can provide you with omnichannel customer care that perfectly suits your needs.

Services deployed on the Contact Center system of T-Plus

– Customer service by phone: Integrated 1800/1900 hotline number, call recording, free internal calls, multiple calls in and out at the same time, automatic greeting broadcast, smart call navigation, …

– Customer support service via livechat or email:

  • Email: Send customer service emails, debt reminder emails, promotional emails, etc.
  • SMS: send customer service messages, work progress messages, advertising messages, etc.
  • Facebook: create chatbox messages, send bulk messages, reply to messages, …
  • Zalo Oa: create automatic messages, send advertising messages, reply to messages, …

– Technical support service / helpdesk

– Order taking service

– Follow-up services

We are committed to providing you with the best services at a reasonable cost and high success efficiency.


Telemarketing also known as Telemarketing is not limited to contacting customers or potential customers.

Telemarketing has many approaches to identify goals and reach many potential customers for businesses. At T-PLUS CORP, we specialize in high-performance B2B telemarketing campaigns, such as lead generation and appointment settings. We create new opportunities for your business. This allows your business to reach more potential customers, bringing more benefits to your business.


We have:

– Well-trained and experienced telemarketing team.

– Provide a flexible telemarketing team in terms of quantity.

– Save cost and time in recruiting and training employees for businesses.

For Businesses

Coming to T-PLUS CORP’s Telemarketing team, what will your business get?

– Find new customers or create interest in your products, services or brand by providing information directly to customers.

– Create a data source for the telesales team of the Enterprise, instead of the Enterprise having to buy the data itself.

– Promote telemarketing campaigns.

– Reduce training costs.

– The services, products and brands of the Enterprise are presented in the most professional and complete way to customers.

– Generate more potential customers for the Business.


In the era of strong digital transformation, the demand for Customer Care, Outsourcing Telesales, Call Center of businesses, shops, business households, etc. is growing exponentially.

So what are the benefits that Telesales Outsourcing service brings to your Business?

Let’s find out more with T-PLUS CORP!

What is Telsales?
  • In the simplest terms, Telesales is advertising, product consulting and sales through the phone. So Outsourcing Telesales service will act as a bridge between the service provider and the Switchboard operator.

    T-PLUS CORP provides Telesales Outsourcing service that will help businesses come up with the best Up Sell scenarios, ensure customer service quality, optimize operational processes, bring maximum revenue to businesses. Karma.

The Importance of the Telesale Team
  • The telesale team is becoming more and more important, if not the most important to the survival and growth of a business.

    A strong Sales Team can make the sales of businesses and stores explode without limits and grow rapidly. That is why so many units invest money and effort in this telesale front.

Coming to T-PLUS CORP's Telesales Outsourcing Service, your business will get:
  • check
    Optimized the operation process.
  • check
    Saving costs for ineffective marketing activities, using appropriate human resources for products and advertising campaigns.
  • check
    Increase customer experience, build a loyal customer file, create many great revenue opportunities from potential old customers.
  • check
    Gather industry knowledge, target market and competitors.
  • check
    Create brand awareness for the business.
  • check
    Approach and open up opportunities to cooperate with many potential large enterprises.
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    Outstanding sales growth with the dedication of a well-trained Telesale team.

Survey/ Market Research

What is market research?

It is the systematic process of collecting and analyzing data on issues related to the marketing activities, goods, services and other activities of the business.

What is the role of market research?

Market research helps businesses have the necessary information and answers to support decision making, reduce business risks and optimize opportunities.

T-PLUS CORP always understands your concerns and concerns in the long-term construction & development process. So please give us the opportunity to accompany you to introduce many modern research methods using digital tools to reduce time and reduce costs for customers.

T-PLUS CORP provides market research services according to customers’ requirements including B2B business research, B2C consumer research, retail channel survey and consulting and evaluation services.

  • Our commitment

    – Be honest and provide the right data according to what we have committed.

    – Quality consciousness in business.

    – Manage people, processes and costs optimally to improve operational efficiency.

    – Staff are well equipped with tools and experience for field understanding and insights into collected data.

  • T-PLUS CORP we regularly carry out the following categories:

    – Food & beverage industry.

    – Personal/ family care products.

    – Banking and financial services.

    – Real estate / Cars / motorbikes / motorbikes.

    – Telecommunications/ Telecommunication services.

    – Pharmacist/ Doctor.

  • Quality standards

    Short FW time: Understanding what your business wants, you need to have development strategies and learn products quickly to promptly take action in the volatile market. So we are always ready to respond as quickly as possible.

    Competitive costs: With the goal of sustainable development and long-term cooperation, we are ready to offer competitive costs compared to the common ground along with a flexible payment policy suitable for each customer. We will have an assessment of the service quality after the project.

    Confidentiality of information: All research information, research purposes, customer names will be absolutely confidential. The research project will be given a neutral name to ensure objectivity. Interviewers and quality managers when participating in any project must sign a commitment to confidentiality.

Input and Data classification

  • Why do you need data entry service?

    For most organizations and businesses, having a complete and digitized database system for easy lookup and storage is very important and vital.

    However, to start implementing data entry jobs yourself, you may encounter problems such as:

    – Takes a lot of time and effort due to the large number.

    – Expensive due to many problems such as: team management, process building, quality control, equipment costs, stationery, etc.

    – Unprofessional data entry personnel easily leads to low input performance and many errors.

    After the information has been entered, it is not known how to arrange and properly allocate and preserve.

  • Import data directly into the enterprise database:

    We can create various output file formats that are suitable for the database so that it can be imported directly into the system through secure connections to the Enterprise’s servers.

  • Offline data import

    Documents requesting data entry services can be paper documents such as forms, magazines, catalogs, dictionaries, advertisement templates, letters, official dispatches, … or electronic mails on a web based platform. on the cloud.

    T-PLUS CORP will create fully managed data entry service teams to perform 100% verification of data and will provide output in the file format that best suits your needs.

    Method: Digitally scan physical or electronic documents to create a digital archive.

    • Import data from images

      The scanned forms can be uploaded directly to T-PLUS CORP’s servers (Our Cloud-Based Secure Encryption). The data entry service team will monitor and manipulate data entry at the request of the Enterprise.

      1. Data processing:

      The normal form processing process is done through the following steps:

      – Scan forms.

      – Data access.

      – Test data.

      2. Database Administration (Uploadsbase Management) FSI’s database management service includes 3 main areas:

      – Collect database.

      – Check and complete the database.

      – Database management and storage solutions.

    Data digitization

    Is the process of converting traditional data forms such as handwriting, printouts, images, sounds, etc. with various formats into digital information in order to create open databases. Easily search, exchange and share.

    Advantages of digital data services?

    – Provide total digitization services including: equipment, people, software, processes.

    – Accuracy of digitized documents up to 99.99%.

    – Digitize many types of documents, including documents, books, movies, photos, artifacts, drawings, maps, etc.

    – Time and cost savings for customers thanks to the digitization process, and intelligent, high-precision digitizing technologies.

    Benefits of using data digitization services

    – Save space: reduce the area and space for document storage.

    – Permanently store data and information of the unit.

    – Cost saving: saving cost of document management (HR, printing, management, …).

    – Easy sharing: quickly and efficiently retrieve, search, and share information anywhere, anytime.

    – Improve work efficiency: solve jobs quickly, accurately and instantly based on data that is available 24/7.

    – Information security: data is digitized and decentralized in detail to avoid loss, damage, or loss during use.