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Text to win

Winning texting is one of the most attractive and popular SMS marketing campaigns available today. This campaign helps to increase brand awareness, attract a wide range of customers and encourage building a customer database of the Enterprise.

Are you ready to experience the winning texting service (Text to win) yet?

Our Winning Messaging platform is a great way to capture the interest of new customers and engage existing customers. In addition, the experienced team of T-PLUS CORP will help you through the entire campaign setup process and most importantly, comply with all allowed rules and regulations.

All of our campaigns are set with custom messages suitable for short or long term campaigns, short URL tracking for more analysis, data collection, and more.


– Support multiple text to enter keywords with short or long code.

– Set campaign start and end time/date with appropriate autoresponder messages.

– In-depth analysis and reporting.

– Allow multiple entries and/or limit entries per hour or day.

– View ALL participants – valid and invalid entries.

– With a dedicated management account you can set up the campaign for the best fit and can monitor it continuously.


– Building brand image.

– Build a list of customers.

– Help customers to participate in the program easily and quickly (customers can receive winning results immediately or be automatically selected at the end of the program).

– Attracting a large number of Customers (including winners and non-winners).

Social campaign

  • With today’s business whether traditional or online, promotions play a very important role in attracting customers and increasing sales. Not only helping to increase sales, promotions also help increase brand awareness and promote customer satisfaction.

    Currently, there are many different forms of promotion to help increase sales and each form has different benefits. And with the current technology era as well as the continuous development of social networking sites such as Facebook, IG, zalo, etc., it is appropriate to use these social networking sites to offer promotions. to help increase sales.

Coming to T-PLUS CORP's “social media promotion” campaigns, what will you get?
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    Save cost of renting location and manpower.
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    Be proactive about time.
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    Be proactive about promotional content.
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    Flexibility to contact a large number of customers.

Lucky Draw

Lucky Draw programs always create a lot of stimulation for customers, the general psychology of customers is the desire to own a good product without having to spend too much on that product.

Winning lottery helps businesses easily obtain customer’s personal information to serve marketing programs in the future.

Marketing campaigns support

  • With any marketing campaign, surely the logistics department will be essential to help your company answer all questions about the conditions, rules and how to participate in the program.

    Customers can contact by calling the hotline, chatting via facebook fanpage, zalo, …

    Coming to T-PLUS CORP, we will help you solve this problem in the best and most effective way.