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Information Technology System Management Consulting

T-PLUS CORP’s IT system management consulting service allows businesses to focus on their core product/service business capabilities, reducing IT personnel costs. By improving the productivity and performance of IT systems, we provide our customers with cutting-edge technologies for their organization’s strategic efforts.

Our IT system management consulting services:

– Provide a combination of people, processes, and technologies.

– Ensure optimization of IT infrastructure, business continuity.

– Provide flexible, friendly service.

Businesses will have many choices at T-PLUS CORP such as:

– Remote (Offsite), onsite (Onsite) or a combination of both.

– T-PLUS CORP also offers short-term and long-term contracts. The flexibility in these services allows customers to choose the mode that best suits their business requirements.

Supervision and operation of information technology systems

  • With Monitoring – Operating the IT system of an Enterprise today is very important and necessary. However, self-monitoring and operating will cost businesses a lot of costs such as: system management costs, fees for hiring professional engineers, infrastructure rental fees, etc. Understanding that, T-PLUS CORP can provide the most cost-effective and effective IT system monitoring and operation services for businesses such as: automatic reporting, 24/7 support, real-time Troubleshooting time…

    We also provide backup and recovery services that ensure peak operations.

  • Benefit

    – Reduce IT system management costs.

    – Fixed investment costs.

    – Guaranteed service commitment (SLA).

    – Service scalability and flexibility.

    – Actively monitor and operate IT systems.

    – IT infrastructure is continuously tested and evaluated.

    – Professional, quality and in-depth engineers.

    – 24h helpdesk service.

    – Professional management.

    – Helping businesses focus on business activities.

  • Function

    – Comprehensive monitoring: Monitor the working performance of all information technology equipment in the enterprise system. Anti-virus management: Security solutions for computers including anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-intrusion server.

    – Network management: Monitor and maintain LAN, WAN, domain, VPN systems.

    – Remote troubleshooting: Engineers will access remotely for troubleshooting.

    – Monitor computer operation: Monitor the operation of personal computers and handle problems that occur.

    – Support packages: There are many support packages to meet all customer requirements.

    – Remote backup solution: The right management backup solution for important data.

Digital transformation consultancy

Digital Transformation is the full integration of digital technologies into all areas of an enterprise, applying technologies (Big Data, Cloud, ..) to change the way of operations. practices, business models and bring new values ​​to the Company’s customers.

T-PLUS CORP’s Digital Transformation Service brings businesses the following benefits:

– Narrow the gap between departments in the enterprise.

– Increase transparency and efficiency in the corporate governance system.

– Optimize employee productivity.

– Improve the competitive ability.

The most recognizable benefits of digital transformation for businesses are reducing operating costs, reaching customers in the long run, leaders easily reporting in time and optimizing work productivity for businesses. employees… These things increase the efficiency as well as the organization’s competitiveness, the business is enhanced.

Software development

  • Software development is considered a very big job. It is translating a customer need or marketing goal into a software product. Includes software engineering processes combined with targeted marketing research. Since then develop computer software products.

    This activity is dedicated to the initialization, implementation, design, and support of the software.

  • If your Business is looking to grow:

    – System software: The system performs many important functions on the computer. Including operating software, utilities, hardware management.

    – Application software: Application software is also known as application or app. For example: Human resource management software, hotel management application, transportation management software, ERP system, etc.

    – Malware: Malware that damages the device. Its purpose is to steal information, cheat.

    Please contact T-PLUS CORP immediately for the best service support at the most reasonable cost.